The Origin of the Planet
  Inside Earth
  Plate Tectonics
  Geologic Time
  The Rock Cycle

  Igneous Rocks
  Sedimentary Rocks
  Metamorphic Rocks
  Faults and Folding

  Soil: The Product of Weathering
  Wind and Water
  Chemical Weathering

  Energy Resources
  Mineral Resources

Tom Dewey, Kurt Enck, Michael Lane, Craig Oppel, John Way
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Geology Resources for Pennsylvania Teachers and Students

Formerly www.outoftherock.net

Welcome! The topical curriculum to the left and supplemental information and links below will lead you into the exciting world of geology with a focus on Pennsylvania. Whether you are an educator, student, or hobbyist, I hope you find lots here to enlighten and entertain. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Last Update:4/20/09 added links to Evolution Resources; 2/11/09 added link to Galapagos Education: NSTA Evolution Resources for Teachers and Parents on Evolution Resources
Randy E. Newcomer
Outstanding Scenic Geological Features of Pennsylvania
This is an online version of the out of print Geological Survey publication of the same name. Color photos and GPS coordinates will be added as available to allow you to find these great spots to explore geology in Pennsylvania.
Last Update: 9/3/09 updates to Lebanon, Montgomery, and York Counties; 9/2/09 added links and photo of Chimney Rock in York County
Evolution Resource Page
The teaching and understanding of evolution is integral to good science. There is lots of evidence for this sound theory that extends into many sciences including geology. This page lists good resources available on the web and elsewhere.
Last Update: 9/4/09 - Link to the Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online; 4/20/09 - Links to free Science, Evolution, and Creationism Book and National Center for Science Education site; 2/11/09 - Link to Galapagos Education; 4/30/08 - Link to Expelled Exposed
Randy's Earth Science Books
My own selection of the best books available. All titles are hand selected and shipped by me. Old-fashioned personal service with today's speed and convenience of the web. Includes new, used, and remaindered stock.
Pennsylvania Topographic and Geologic Survey
The best info from the experts. Great maps and downloadable pdf publications. Links also appear from the topical navigation to the left.
Teacher Training
Information for Out of the Rock and Rock Box Teacher Training Programs.
General Geology Links
Geology Central - A vast collection of links to many geology sites.
geoAhead.com - A really great site for all Earth Science info.
Periodic Table of the Elements - Interactive table from Chemical and Engineering News.
Stay Out Stay Alive!
"Stay Out–Stay Alive" is a national public awareness campaign aimed at warning children and adults about the dangers of exploring and playing on active and abandoned mine sites. Every year, dozens of people are injured or killed in recreational accidents on mine property.

Click here to go to the Stay Out Stay Alive web page. Click here to download coloring pages.
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